Colour Gem Trading was founded by Demetri Manolis in 2021 and is based in Nairobi. The business focuses on the trading of precious colour gemstones in rough form such as Tsavorite, Rhodolite, Hessonite and Tourmaline, amongst others, depending on availability. Colour Gem Trading has an online business model with physical location sites in Kenya, Dubai and Cyprus.


Colour Gem Trading provides clients with various qualities of colour gemstones at competitive prices. The company has access to primary production and ensures reliable supply of gemstones, transparent communication, professionalism and integrity when engaging with potential and existing customers.


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Demetri Manolis


 Demetri has over 30 years’ mining experience throughout Africa in countries such as South Africa, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Kenya and Tanzania. He previously held the position of CEO at Goldplat Plc and has experience in the production of Gold, Platinum, Emeralds and Diamonds.

Alexandros Manolis

Director of Marketing

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Ledo Manolis

Director of Administration